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The stars are out tonight.

Male and female stars

absolute movie stars!!
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absolute_stars is the newest community started by gooniegal in our mini absolute_circle. It is a picture community dedicated to actors, all actors doesn't matter where they are from. By actors I mean male and female no one is excluded. It's to show love to your favorite actors or actors that you just think are hot.

A few things I ask

*NO SLANDERING ANYONE that includes bad mouthing celebrities and members.
*LARGE POSTS, pic spams, larg pictures NEED TO BE BEHIND A CUT. I will delete them if they are not behind a cut. be curtious guys don't clog up people's flist.

*News and info about actors are always welcomed (pic included of course), but try to keep it facts. Lay off the Gossip and Rumors that goes under badmouthing.
*You can post pics of them in costume or out of costume it doesn't really matter as long as it is a pic.
*If it is not worksafe or rated mature please put it behind a cut and lable it so people know what they are clicking on.

Other than that I hope everyone has a blast and finds this community a lot of fun!

New Member questionaire:
Who is your favorite actor?
Who is your favorite actress?
Who is the hottest actor?
who is the hottest actress?
Who would you love to be in a movie with?

UPDATE 6/1/05

You can also hold discussions about actors and your favorite work that they were in, and such. As long as your discussions are about actors it's all good.

UPDATE 8/23/05

Icons and graphics are allowed. As long as they are of actors. Feel free to post any graphics you make.

Our lovely banner was made by warped_factor

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